Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hmmmm.. Holidays?

So far so good. (: Byeee

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wanna play catch catch? Nah, I've grown up.

Ever imagine a beautiful scene with waterfalls, birds singing, the cool soft wind, green trees~
'Lake of innisfree? O:'
It's much better than building my own artificial waterfalls or so, right?
I like things when it's natural. It shows true nature.
True nature means true from the inside,
true from the inside means true from the heart.
And nothing is forcing it or anything (:
Soooo.... I'll let things go naturally.
That's why I don't play catch catch with you.
'Ohhh, I see. Lake of innisfree? O:?'

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blood sucking vampire.

You know what insect I hate the most.
Yes, edward the vampire .
Don't you hate MOSQUITOES?!
I really hate MOSQUITOES !
They are rapidly increasing in my house !
Once I came back home , all I feel is itchyness all over my body D:!
Like 7-15 mosquitoes bites me everyday!
I think Im gonna run out of bloodd
Everyday I have to hunt for MOSQUITOES and kill 5-10 ?
And it just gets more and more .
I think my house got mosquito breeding , but there's no place for them to breed.
Maybe it came from the construction building outside my house. :/
But no windows are opened too! D:

Well, they are so annoying ! They keep making those buzzing sound and how am I suppose to sleep ?!
Every night being kissed by them and have to listen to their bedtime story .
ARGH! Stop telling me bedtime story I don't even know what you're saying!
All you do is buzz buzzz buzzz buzz buzzz buz zbuzb uz buzb uz uz uz uzbuzbzuzb zbuzbuzbuzzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzubz ub uzb uz uz buzubz zzbuzz buzz zbuzz buz buz buzzbz buzzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzzz. !
I cant takeee it anymoreeeee ! ._.

Anyway, got one time I was so bored. And saw some mosquitoes flying around.
Then I caught one of it, and look through my microscope which my dad bought for me long time ago! (:
I notice they are very hairy o:
And have beautiful eye brows. (???)

I even caught some injured mosquitoes and put them inside a test tube and observed them :x
It was fun experimenting them! :x

So far Im still lucky there's no aedes mosquito.
Or else I will be bitten by 50 of them .
And I wont be here anymore D:!

My parents seldom get bitten. Maybe my blood is too sweet :/

Monday, May 17, 2010


Im not really sure what have my parents done a long time ago.
But for today, I cant see my mummy.
She has been uhm.. "taken away"..
*Sigh* I hope you're alright over there.
Tomorrow promise to come back okay..?

Anyway, today someone told me something . :D
''A smile a day keeps the stress away. ''
Haha ! Thanks for telling me that (:

Smile everyday, people ! :DD

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orange good (:

Didn't blog for like 73289203203209 seconds le. ):
Am bored right now so this is an random post for you all. Hehe

I wanna tell you all something!

Noe that
Orange have a lot of nutrient ? ~ (:

High in Vitamin C
This will..

Affect your
Mentality , physicality and you will change


Superman! Flying here and there like an
Aeroplane. Rescuing people, people then respect you.
You become famous, money come come and you will become an
Insane person taking a
Nokia N-gage phone playing
Games non-stop for 24/7 ?

Cant figure out the main point of what Im trying to tell you?
Well that's because you're so
U can
In what year people will
Lalala bye ! :D

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Came back from heaven.

Wow. Finally can online !
Stupid modem don't know what's wrong.
p1 w1max. =/

Now the connection is still unstable. Maybe few weeks later I cant online again..
I found out I can live without internet ! (:
Normally once I came home I would just online only.
But now it's different ! haha

Anyway Ive been really buzy lately. Got around 6 performance this month.
I gotta fire up. >:)

And about this blog...
Too lazy to change the layouts .
Maybe next time

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hello ~
Exam's tomorrow. And I really did study (:
Hoho whadabout you all?

If you havent then let me tell you something.
Let's just say we can live until 70 years old,
and not really going to university.
And now you're 15. And there's only 3years+ until you graduate.
But think about it, if you never really started to get serious in studies, never really worked hard before.
What are you gonna do for the next 52 years?
Become a Mcdonald mascot ?

The other way round, if you really did study hard. Get good results this and that.
Once you graduate then you can do anything you want.
Don't have to worry about so much thing.
Then only can enjoy your happy life for the next 52 years.
It's just like a spring.
If you put a lot of efforts into the spring, once you release it, it will spring off high to the sky~
If you don't put any effort into the spring, when you release it, it will just maintain the same level.

So people, appreciate this 3+ years.
it's not too late (: Don't cause yourself to regret.
Oh! And Tsun Jin student,
And of course the rest of the people.

back to study!!